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"Santa Barbara Soups is a healthy, go-to meal for my family. The instructions are easy to follow and the soups are tasty and flavorful. They’re even great for camping because it’s a one-pot meal." 

— Alexis Fischer

"My family absolutely loves them. 

I just tried the Coconut Curry Lentil and It was amazing, my husband, who typically doesn't like the taste of curry couldn’t get enough of this soup!!  It was so full of flavor -so impressed and I cant wait to try all the others I bought."

— Riley Evans, Teacher

"I give it 5 stars! It was sweet and spicy. Don't change a thing - it was perfect!!"

— Zander, Age 5

"These soups are a gift to busy mothers who desire health for their families on a very tight schedule.  Dinner comes and instead of spending a fortune on take out or making a mediocre pasta meal, SB Soups gives our family a nourishing and satisfying option!  Just add water and maybe some toppings that I most likely have on hand~a win win for my family of five!

I also love that the types of soups run the gamut of flavors~from curry to enchilada to chowder!  What great exposure for my family.  


SB soups is also a perfect hostess gift instead of alcohol.  I just took the quinoa enchilada casserole to my neighbor who is gluten free.  He turned 60 on Saturday and that was his gift!"

— Leanne Patterson, Mother of Three

"I have just been introduced to Santa Barbara Soups by a friend. She brought the coconut lentil curry soup to my house for lunch. What a delicious and great idea! For busy people, on the run, this offers such a great option! The ingredients are so wholesome, even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Wishing this cottage company great success."

— John Givens, Vancouver BC

"I bought the bundle pack, all 6!  Each and everyone of them had such good flavors and quality ingredients!  Love these so much!   I can’t believe how easy they are to make.  I appreciate the time saving factor in preparing a delicious meal.  I will definitely buy more for myself and buy more to give as gifts."

— Shandi Cannon

I am crazy about all the Santa Barbara Soups. As a single person, these soups offer a perfect last minute solution to entertaining, potluck contributions and even gift giving. 


Keeping my fridge stocked can be a challenge, but loading up on lots of these nonperishable Santa Barbara Soups makes cooking a breeze.


What to cook for dinner?...not a problem now!

— Barbara, Mother & Grandmother

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